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Media Services/ Content


Many of our clients have profound skill and visual understanding. Today's communication streams utilize the web, broadcast and social media to get their message out. We help those who seek to become a part of that creative process the opportunity to learn and improve their skills and presentation. 

Operation Triple S


The latest stats indicate that a large segment of the "homeless" population suffers from some form of disability. Last year in our immediate area in excess of 60% of these individuals had forms of learning disability from various causes. Our goal here is to shift through this population and get them on the road to becoming functional in meeting their basic needs and supported in the right way.

Academic Assessment


Having a hard time in school? 

Need more time in exams ...

Can't quite follow lectures ...

Want to apply for services at your college but your paper­work is too old?

 Or you don't have any?

We use educational standard assessment test­ing to determine just where your functional grade levels are at. In addition our experienced assessment teams can determine suggested accommodations to help level the field at work and school. 

Self Medication/ Substance Abuse


Having a dual condition can be overwhelming. Often just working with others like yourself can make the difference.

SSDI/ SSI Application Assistance


Applying for benefits can be daunting. For someone with a neurological disability it can be challenge. We offer help in making the process approachable as well as understandable.